Brook appears calm and collected but give him just a sniff of adventure - and he goes all in! He is always seeking his next mystery or challenge to be solved! Brook’s resourcefulness and skills in applied science along with his ‘loner’ credo may have gotten him into Space Academy as a renegade ace pilot but it will be learning how to trust others and the value of teamwork that will get him through his coming journey on earth.

Throughout the series Brook’s orphaned, wrong side of the tracks past is uncovered revealing how this hotshot co-captain went from the illegal underground gaming scene in rural Galandria (a vast Aurorian city on the home planet of Aurora). Brook gained notoriety by competing in a simulation shoot out which ended in a showdown with the murderous gangster, Xylar.

General Atura (Crystal’s father), the military leader of the Aurora Galaxy, took Brook under his wing, impressed with his skills and confident he could use his talents for good. Thus Brook avoided punishment and quickly become an ‘ace pilot’ at Space Academy under Atura’s guiding influence.

Brook is co-captain with his by the books, teamwork driven partner Ursula, and is supported by Jefferson – his loyal companion that, over time, has begun to soften his ‘trust no one’ stance.