Carnival Figures Animation London Studio's services include:


Creating 2D Promo Films
Animation and Live action FIlms
2D digital animation
After Effects animations
Motion Graphics, title design of text and graphics.  
2D frame by frame hand drawn animation using TVPaint, Photoshop. and Adobe Animate (Flash)
Character animation
Character rigging and "puppet" animation,
3D animation and compositing.
2D + After Effects /visula effects animation.
Rostrum Animation with Camera
Stop Frame

Editing, Grade, VFX, Live Action

Editing and Post Production. Premiere, Avid, DaVinci Resolve
Live action Commercials, Promo Films.
Documentary Short Films.
Corporate Videos.
VFX integration in Live Action
Camera and Lighting (High Definition).
Direction of actors / location filming.
Product Shoots.
Camera Tracking using After Effects, Mocha.
Green Screen Location Filming.
Green Screen Product Shoots.

Pre-Production Animatic/ Previs / Storyboarding

Concept Art.
Animation Pitch Bible Presentations.(Indesign)

Concept Art / Illustration

Concept Art for animation and feature Films, TV Series
Book Design


Screenplay Writing and Development for Feature Films, TV Series, commercials and short narrative films.

Music and Sound Design

Original music scores, sound effects and voice-over mastering and a full post production service at our in-house clients studio.