Laundry Monsters consists of 8 x 30 minute episodes (streaming) for an older, broadly family based audience. These are a hybrid of episodic (self-contained) and serial storytelling, with most episodes ending with a dramatic cliffhanger.
Alex Dawson is the show creator, writer, director, concept designer - and in addition to writing the first 3 episodes and bible outlining the first season and beyond, the creative process has also included creating initial exploratory animation tests with voice actors and artwork to give a flavour of the Laundry Monsters world.
Laundry Monsters’ high-concept and fun premise asks the question: What if Laundry Monsters really are real?
The next step is to say, yes! ...And to explain that Laundry Monsters are in fact aliens from a far away planet in the universe, and to explain how they came to Earth, and what they are doing here! So rather than just present these aliens from the very beginning of the story travelling in washing machines, and hiding behind laundry baskets in the opening scenes - it seems much more exciting to delay this ‘fun and games’ promise of the series, and treat these mysterious miniature alien creatures hiding behind your laundry baskets as “real” characters! - with their own complicated back stories and adventures - so that we really take their existence seriously! So the familiar and friendly title ‘Laundry Monsters’ was chosen very specifically as it immediately triggers a very common, and almost ‘universal’ response: ‘Oh is that where the lost socks go?’ By building the story world in this way, we are also setting up the audience to expect much more from the storytelling as a whole as we go forward, and this playful sense of make-believe will be a central part of the fun and intrigue of the series...