Series Overview
Laundry Monsters is a sci-fi animation series that follows the adventures of Brook, Ursula, Crystal and Jefferson (the Super Squad), a group of Space Academy rejects who are sent on trash duty scanning spaceship parts at the far edges of a Black Hole, and become unlikely heroes when Doc Mercana comes aboard and takes them on an adventure which ends up with them mistakenly arriving on Earth, shrunken and via a Washing Machine portal! 
Stranded on Earth, their now adopted home, they travel around the planet through washing machines, defending the Earth from an enemy race of evil aliens, the Zorgons, who have followed The Super Squad to Earth, and are intent of devouring the planet’s natural resources and see the Earth as another planet to conquer.
Opening Episode Logline

When the evil Zorgons steal genius scientist Doc Mercana’s top-secret space travel technology and journey to the nearest Black Hole to activate it, Doc joins a misfit crew of Space Academy rejects on trash duty - who must all learn to work together to recover the technology and save the Universe!
Teaser Logline
An animated sci-fi adventure between battling aliens that have come to Earth shrunken in size and who travel through washing machines, in which the mysteries of lost socks and unusual spin cycles are explained.