Cassandra Chase


A newbie to the news world, and ready to put her stamp on it, Cassandra Chase is looking for the next scoop. With a mix of home-grown small town honesty and a yearning to see the big world and all it’s diversity, Cassandra is not afraid of asking the tough questions. ‘Cass’ gets her big break when the senior editor of the London Herald tells her to check out a local story of a noisy launderette in the dirty part of town that wakes up the neighbourhood, and is emanating a strange green-yellow light.

Told to ‘put a spin’ on what clientss like a banal new story, Cassandra unexpectedly become the first human to see the tiny Zorgon aliens in the launderette and this discovery then leads her to become the Super Squad’s biggest ally against Charles Langley and his controllers the Zorgons!